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Giny Vos

Monument Jan Zwartendijk, Kaunas LT (Giny Vos) 2018

I’ll Be Your Mirror, Utrecht (Giny Vos) 2016

Passage de la Baleine, Leeuwarden (Giny Vos) 2015

Possibility Plant, Groningen (Giny Vos) 2014

Elektrowachter, Purmerend (Giny Vos) 2011

Zien Zonder Gezien Te Worden, Utrecht (Giny Vos) 2010

Kristalpaleis, Amsterdam (Giny Vos) 2009

Second Thought, Groningen (Giny Vos) 2008

De Verlichte Kamer, Nijmegen (Giny Vos) 2007

Zonneschat, Den Haag (Giny Vos) 2006

Lokroep – The Painted Chat, Amsterdam (Giny Vos) 2005

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